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Brett provided good research and developed grants that were funded to support the 2010 Dare to Dream Conference in Sioux Falls.  His knowledge and understanding of the issues relating  not only to differing abilities but to possible grant sources was very valuable to the Conference Planning team.

Elaine Roberts, Executive Director
South Dakota Parent Connection

Brett has been actively involved in the Youth Leadership Forum in SD since it began in 1999. He first attended as a delegate, increasing his knowledge of various disabilities, as well as disability law and other important issues. He then enthusiastically volunteered to return as team leader to “give back” and help other first-time delegates learn. He has since progressed to mentor role, and most recently as guest speaker at YLF to talk to delegates about how he came to own his own business! Brett serves as a wonderful role model for young adults – through his life experiences, his generous spirit, and his leadership skills!
Brett also has assisted me in giving presentations to various audiences, such as special educators, other professionals, parents, and high school students with disabilities. He always is prepared and professional in his presentations, often including developing powerpoint presentations to supplement his talk. I appreciate Brett’s honesty and integrity in sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. The audiences are impressed with his talents, skills, and positive attitude!

Bev Petersen, Transition Liaison
Transition Services Liaison Project

Brett Glirbas gets a “thumbs up”.
I first met Brett Glirbas at the Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) in June of 2000, when he was a young high school student with a disability planning to attend college at South West State University in Marshall, Minnesota.  Since then, I have witnessed a great deal of growth in maturity, leadership, professionalism and personal character.  I watched as he graduated from high school, earned a college degree and started his own business.  Now as a young adult I have seen him get involved in self-advocacy initiatives, state wide boards and councils and professional speaking engagements.
It takes character to develop self-advocacy and leadership skills when you have a disability that requires a personal attendant to assist you to get up every morning and to assist with daily living activities throughout the day.  Brett has done this and more.  He not only successfully manages his own life, but also that of the attendant services he receives on a daily basis.   Over the past few years, Brett has stepped into a leadership role for youth with disabilities as a team leader and mentor at the YLF.  He also serves as a role model and a self-advocate presenting to various groups on self-employment, serving on the Freedom to Work Project Leadership Council and on the Board of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
Brett has demonstrated the ability to be innovative, a self-starter and an individual with a good sense of humor.  Working with Brett on today’s challenges for the employment of people with disabilities has been an honor and privilege and I look forward to taking advantage of his skills, knowledge and experiences in the years to come.

Dan Rounds, Chairperson,
Board of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Recently I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Brett, he is both exciting to work with and inspiring. – His strong worth ethic and intellectual mind have proven a standing ground for those with disabilities. – Through his desire to serve the community and those around him Brett is sure to do many great things! – He is an absolute must to have around if you are looking for the ins and outs on how to be successful!

Christopher Reistroffer, Owner
Reistroffer Design

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