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brett-profileBrett Glirbas is the founder and owner of Achievable Ventures. He is a very motivated and determined, outgoing person. Brett has overcome the physical disability of Cerebral Palsy (CP) and has ACHIEVED many goals in his life including:

  • Using Self-advocacy to succeed through transition from High school to college.
  • Being part of a NCAA Division II football program as a Student Coach
  • Graduating with honors from Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Playing competitive softball in a non-disabled league
  • Starting Achievable Ventures Consulting
  • Going off of Vocational Rehabilitation services after becoming successfully employed

Brett is a graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University where he graduated with an Interdisciplinary major combining Recreation with Special Education.

As an individual with a disability, Brett understands the collaboration that is needed to achieve a dream and has the desire to assist others to accomplish their dreams. After completing a grant writing internship it was clear that his writing skills could benefit others.


He takes pride in breaking stereotypes of people with disabilities.

Brett wants others to realize that limitations should not limit what is possible.

Currently he serves on the South Dakota Board of Vocational Rehabilitation and the South Dakota Freedom to Work Leadership Counsel. Brett’s success was recognized by the South Dakota Youth Leadership Forum and Governor Michael Rounds with the 2009 Richard L Hicks Award.

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